Sunsets In My Heart

Here is my outfit from my date with Ken on the boat. I'm in love with the dress I think it's so romantic looking and I also found out that dresses that go just to my knee are my favorites.

The sunset was so beautiful and it made it extra amazing to spend time outside. When taking the pictures I was sooo stuffed, haha! Worst timing to photograph, but I simply couldn't let the dress go unphotographed!

Dress: AX Paris

Bag: Stradivarius

Shoes: Boots (Oldies)

Jacket: Barney's Original

Shirt 'n a Skirt

It looks so sunny and dry in these pictures that the umbrella makes no sense, but I swear it was raining when I left the house and it rained on my way home as well.

The pictures are taking in Trinity College which is a pretty cool place. The guy who plays King Joffrey in Game of Thrones goes there which makes the place a little cooler. I walked past him a little while back, actually.

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Shirt: Sisley

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Penney's

Umbrella: Newbridge Silverware

Bag: Stradivarius

Today I wanna wear

It's been crazy sunny for the last week or so and today it's actually raining. It's really nice anyway, but it's weird! Now I have to find another way to work on my freckles! I'm hoping for more sun very soon, though!

Before the rain hit I was out all morning running errands which is really nice sometimes. I even went for sushi with Ken which was amazing. I had this new thing I've never had before, it was like a ice cream cone made with sea grass filled with rice, salmon and avocado! Delish!

Now I'm off to do yoga in a minute. I'm excited, I'm getting so much harder, better, faster, stronger, haha!!

Blazer: Stradivarius

Tanktop: Asos

Skirt: Stradivarius

Shoes: Boots (Oldies)

Pretty Shoes

I think these heels are so gorgeous, but it's kind of hard style with an outfit. I just thought they were so pretty that it was a shame that they were in my closet all day without me showing them of. I got them while living in Spain at my favourite store, Stradivarius. I have so many gems from that store, I have no clue what my closet would have looked like if I didn't discover Stradivarius, there wouldn't be that much in it!

Right now I'm enjoying a calm evening with some jam doughnuts and Word War Z on Netflix. I've had such a good day today, I'll tell you about that later :)