London Outfit

I got the hat at the airport in Lisbon. I was really excited to actually buy a Portuguese label to bring with me as a small souvenir from wonderful Portugal. I didn't have an opportunity to wear it before I got to London.

I think trench and jeans is perfect for London so I'm glad I brought my trench. I wasn't sure if it would be necessary. When I think London I think trench, jeans, rain, wellies, marked eye makeup, possibly lipstick, indie and rock bands, models and so on. However, it was a warm, sunny, happy day where I ended up carrying my trench most of the time, haha! It came in handy at night time, though!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Hat: Parfois

Trench: Calvin Klein

Jeans: Motivi

Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Mango

My Style Catalogue This Summer

Approaching September, I can really feel the fall's cold winds sneak up on us.  I've really enjoyed this summer, a lot has happened even though I haven't been traveling much. In the very start of summer Ken and I went to Ireland for ten days which was so much fun!!

Spending that much time inside Dublin City was a lot of fun and something I haven't done for a while. When we lived in Dublin we lived far south in Dublin and had to travel into Dublin City which we couldn't always afford. Especially if we didn't have a reason to go. I absolutely LOVE Dublin City! There is always something going on and you always have fun, I have so many good memories from Dublin City!

Our next adventure, however, will be our trip to New York. I've been there once before and it's one of my favourite cities, for sure!  We are staying there for 10 days from the 12th to the 22nd of September. We are staying in two different hotels. The first hotel we are staying in is very beautiful and classic. It's located on Time Square and we are staying there for 4 days. The second hotel is very modern and located in Soho which I am very excited about. It's a very good shopping area.

I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself! I scream every now and again just thinking about it!  I promise I will take lots and lots of pictures!

As the summer is ending I thought it was appropriate to reminisce about my outfits for this summer. It always puts me in a good mood because there is always a great memory attached to the different outfit. I put them in a timeline where we start with an outfit from the end of May and and end with the most recent outfit.

     1.   Travel Style
2.   Think Pink  
3.   Cream?  

3. Cream? 

5.   Summer Joy  
10.   Motörhead  
11.   Vintage Fur  
17.   Graffifititi  

All pictures by Ken Seiler

Do you have a favourite?  

Ken and I also made outfit videos. It was so much fun making them, we made a lot more videos of different things we've done, you can find them on the YouTube channel here.


I don't think I've ever worn an outfit in only one colour in my entire life. When I first decided to do just that, it had to be the nice colour you see here. I don't even know what to call the colour. It's too dark to be white, too pale to be nude, beige or camel. Cream, maybe? 

Starbucks coffee is a great accessory as we all know and went perfectly with the outfit, haha! Thankfully the shoes aren't the same colour as the rest, I love those shoes! They always look great and they are so comfortable!


Turtle neck: Benetton

Skirt: Estradeur


Shoes: Random find in Vienna