Oscar de la Renta's Bridal Gowns

I hope when my big day comes one time in the future that I will have a dress half as nice as any of these. There was just no one else who could do what he did. I most certainly believe in miracles and magic, but mostly when it comes to an amazing song, perfect interior, big parties, concerts and of course clothes that are so beautiful that you can't look away. His bridal gowns were magic to me.

Dresses Wishlist

When I was browsing Sheinside I found so many fun and quirky dresses. Frankly, I want all of them to myself and I want no one else to see them or know where I got them to make sure only I have them forever, but no. I'm saving a lot for my vacation in September and I'm on a super budget. Instead I decided to share my hidden treasure with the world and let you all know how amazing my find was on Sheinside. So here's my wishlist:

1. Parisian  2. Pale Blue Lace Dress  3. White Lace  4. Hot pink  5. Piano Dress  6. Blue Dress 

7. White flower dress  8. White Dress  9. Print Dress  10. Pale Blue Dress

How gorgeous are they?! Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments! If you want to see all their dresses you can find it here.

Get Ready For The Beach With Sheinside

For summer every girl needs a new bikini. There are so many fun styles and colours to choose from nowadays. Personally I love bikinis in fun and fresh colours that goes perfectly with sun kissed skin and I knew I'd have to turn to Sheinside to find what I'm looking for. I picked out my favourite bikinis to show off for you.

I'd say my favourite bikini is number 1. or number 4. Have you got yourself a fave?

1. Yellow and turquoise  2. Hot pink  3. White  4. Red  5. Pale pink  6. Yellow  7. Yellow and red

I'm pretty obsessed with yellow these days as well, I love that yellow bikini. If you want to look at the rest of their huge selection of bikinis you can find it here.

It's lovely to sit inside right now working away on the blog with some cocoa and the rain pouring down outside. I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday

Summer Dresses on a discount

Asos usually have deals and discounts on all the time. This one made me extra excited because I loooove summer dresses. I would probably wear summer dresses every day of the year if I could. Asos currently have a huge selection of summer dresses on discount, yay! You can find the full selection here. I picked out some of my favorites to show of. I honestly wish I could just buy all of them!

Today the weather is all sunny and happy here in Dublin and I have yet to decide how to spend my day! Love those days <3

Winter Summary

As Spring is approaching I decided to show of my winter outfits. I only now realized I didn't shoot that many outfits this winter. I didn't even notice, I just did a lot of items or shoes or tips.

I also didn't have that many outfits this winter so I was hiding inside whenever I could. Sometimes when I was shooting I was freeeeeezing, I'm not that into winter, it's way too cold!

I'm so excited that spring is happening. Yesterday I was going to work and had to wait FOREVER for the bus. The bus just didn't show up. It was super sunny while I was waiting and I realize now that I got a few freckles!! Yayyy!

If you want to see the full outfits click on the pictures.

Pictures by Ken Seiler