I found this shirt in a second hand shop where the money goes to an animal charity. I always look for clothes in stores who donate to charity, especially for animals. I thought this shirt was such a good find, you know men's shirts have a special place in my heart so I was so excited when I found this vintage Dior shirt. The shop isn't a vintage fashion shop, just a second hand store so it was an incredibly lucky find. I only paid 5 euros for it, I win again! I find so much good stuff rooting through the second hand stores and the vintage shops. I realize after looking at the photos that I should've seriously used a lint roller to go over my clothes. I have some dog-owner issues going on here with all the hair stuck to me. The struggle is real. I actually think most of that hair comes from my coat, Holly doesn't actually shed that much. I love this coat. It's a size too big which makes it so perfect because I can pack myself in it with a big scarf and mittens, perfect for winter! The shoes I'm wearing I spotted in Norway when I was there for a visit. I fell in love with them immediately and made sure my dad knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. I wear them constantly! They're really comfortable and elegant too.

Photos by Ken Seiler

Coat: Asos

Shirt: Vintage men's Dior shirt

Jeans: New Look

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger


As you may have guessed this gorgeous cape is from Vintage Belle who I wrote about two days ago here in the blog. I saw it over a month ago before I went on my long travels and I thought it was so gorgeous and against all odds I actually got it. Here’s why it’s against all odds: green is not really my colour at all and I don't own a single green piece of clothing, I have never worn a cape, I couldn't afford it when I found it and the fact that it was still there over 5 weeks after I had seen it first. So against all odds I actually got the amazing cape that I fell head over heels in love with and couldn't stop thinking about.

It is 100% wool which is something that I seriously miss in my “clothing diet” and wish I could get without spending fortunes. I'm not a huge fan of synthetics. The only great thing about synthetics is that labels can make great looking clothes imitating awesome high brand pieces for very little money which means that people on a budget can actually look great and smaller labels are getting better and better at making good looking pieces which is awesome. When I can, I always go for more proper fabrics like wool or cashmere.

There is something special about a real vintage wool cape, though. It has soul and life. Also, the zipper is made of metal so it is very sturdy and it will take a lot for it to break. It's amazing. You can actually turn the whole cape inside out and wear it that way too. It's completely green on the other side, it’s a two side zipper and it looks great that way as well.

The cape doesn’t seem to have a label, but you can find similar pieces at the Vintage Belle store in Wexford town. This isn’t the only piece from that store that I’ve loved and wanted and you can always find a great piece there.

I’m wearing a Michael Kors skirt that I found while shopping in New York. It was one of those lucky finds that only come around every now and again. I picked the skirt up hanging with other clothes and the skirt was my size and I couldn’t see this skirt anywhere else. Win! I always look for warm skirts for winter and this one is ideal.

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Cape: from Vintage Belle

Skirt: Michael Kors

Watch: Jord Watch

Socks: Tommy Hilfiger