Got Mail


Dress: Find it here

Bag: Find it here

The weather is amazing lately and I've already gotten a sunburn. I sun screened my face leaving my shoulders bare which I'm suffering from now. They are sore! I feel so much happier now that it's so sunny. The surgery recovery is going very well. I don't actually know if I mentioned it before, but I had a minor surgery in my ankle 4 weeks ago in Norway. I'm back to walking Holly and I've even ran and done yoga so I'm full on! I've had a crazy busy schedule entire May. I literally haven't had a moment to catch my breath. I've had Ken's family staying with us right after the Norway trip and now I'm minding a dog for the last ten days and on my free day I attended a seminar that was all about mindfulness and meditation. The dog we are minding is going home tomorrow so I can not wait to have the house to myself and finally catch a breath. I don't even know what to do with myself when I have a little time and space. I'll probably chill out and host some dinner parties.

I received a lovely package in the mail the other day containing this dress, a shirt and the bag. All pretty. The dress is a little short for me (I'm 5'10). Also, order a size or two bigger than usual because the sizes on the website are very small. Big thanks to Dresslink for sending me this. I particularly love the blue lace on the dress. It's very sexy. I love the bag as well, It's big enough for my DSLR which is always handy! Once you start blogging you constantly have to consider space for your DSLR, trust me, space in your bag is never taken for granted!