All the updates

Today I was minding a dog for my neighbors. They came pretty early so I was still in bed when they came to deliver the dog. Ken had welcomed the dog and he went back to bed for a moment. Holly had gone to the living room to greet Ali, the large German Shepherd mix we are minding, and I reacted to the fact that they were so quiet together. I thought they were probably sleeping together or something. I didn't think much of it at all. I was just sitting in bed at that point, I'm always slow out of bed. That's just me. Holly came into the room at some point, but I just assumed she was coming to see if I wanted to go for a walk already (she does that). She left again. I was in bed for about 15-20 min before deciding my curiosity was too strong and I had to figure out why they were so quiet together. I was pretty much sneaking out expecting to see them cute and asleep, but when I came to the living room I found no dogs. I started looking in every room and when I still couldn't find them I was seriously scratching my head (freaking out). I went to the living room again only to spot that the door out to the road was open! Ok, let me tell you, NOTHING wakes you up quicker than thinking your dog and the dog you are minding is alone on the road. No espresso in the word can compare. I was hardly wearing anything so I basically screamed at Ken "THE DOGS ARE OUTSIDE, THE DOOR IS OPEN!!" before sprinting to the bedroom to at least cover some stuff up. Thankfully Ken ran to the door, called them and they, happy as if nothing had ever happened, came running back in. I still can't get over that Holly was out in the street on her own for so long! My big fear is always that she will be hit by a car, she's so small, but apparently she's more street smart than I gave her credit for!

Valentine's Day went by. Ken took me to the movies and gave me the book Kate Moss by Mario Testino. I wanted that one forever so I was very pleased. I was the most under prepared, I have yet to give him something.. In a little over a week we have our anniversary so I'll have a chance to redeem myself.

I took Holly to the vet for a scan of her heart to make sure everything was as it was suppose to be. Everything is the same, so considering she hasn't collapsed since this summer and her sub-aortic stenosis hasn't progressed we are going to try to take her off the daily medicine she is currently taking. Yay!! Considering everything is in great shape and she is so healthy we are going to see how it goes. I'm so excited. I was hoping it was good news, of course. I expected good news because she's on specialty food for her heart as well as daily medicine for her heart and she is physically active and very fit, walking, running, playing and socializing with other dogs every single day. But the news I got blew me away. I never thought she would get off the medicine and the vet says there is no risk of the heart stopping so it's safe. I could not be happier! The vet also says that the way it looks now her life will not be affected by her heart and her life spam will be completely normal. As you can imagine, I am one happy girl. Didn't I tell you February is a great month?!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Sweater: A happy second hand store find. I got it for 4 euro.

Skirt: New Look

Shoes: Dr. Marten's