I found this shirt in a second hand shop where the money goes to an animal charity. I always look for clothes in stores who donate to charity, especially for animals. I thought this shirt was such a good find, you know men's shirts have a special place in my heart so I was so excited when I found this vintage Dior shirt. The shop isn't a vintage fashion shop, just a second hand store so it was an incredibly lucky find. I only paid 5 euros for it, I win again! I find so much good stuff rooting through the second hand stores and the vintage shops. I realize after looking at the photos that I should've seriously used a lint roller to go over my clothes. I have some dog-owner issues going on here with all the hair stuck to me. The struggle is real. I actually think most of that hair comes from my coat, Holly doesn't actually shed that much. I love this coat. It's a size too big which makes it so perfect because I can pack myself in it with a big scarf and mittens, perfect for winter! The shoes I'm wearing I spotted in Norway when I was there for a visit. I fell in love with them immediately and made sure my dad knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. I wear them constantly! They're really comfortable and elegant too.

Photos by Ken Seiler

Coat: Asos

Shirt: Vintage men's Dior shirt

Jeans: New Look

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger