Some fur and a dress

While visiting Norway to see my grandparents and dad a few months back, my dad shot the dress I wore to Helene's wedding. I figured I'd post the outfit after the wedding. My dad got a camera a little while back (newer and better than mine, jealous) and doesn't have much experience shooting portraits. I was very happy to take advantage of that by letting him practice on me, that way I had a few outfit posts ready. Win-win if you ask me.

My grandma gave me her tailor made fur coat. I want to point out that this coat was made of black sheep from Pakistan that is used for food so there has been no harming of animals making this coat and it's not made from caged animals. I actually have a hard time believing it fits. My grandma is so little and I'm 5'10, but it's like it was tailor made for me instead. It fits so well. Considering it's summer I obviously didn't actually wear this I only wore it for the picture.

My grandma took me to her favourite store in Bø and we picked the dress up together which was a nice memory to have together. It's such a great dress for weddings, I always prefer long, modest, but quite pretty dresses when attending weddings. I always avoid white, black and red when attending weddings. I originally wanted a brighter dress considering it was a summer wedding, but I was pouring down the day of the wedding so it was quite suitable.

Photos by Ole Morten Eyra

Dress: Floyd by Smith

Shoes: Dunnes

Coat: Tailor made, not sure by whom