When comfort is key

Sometimes you just need a big sweater and jeans. There are just those days when you really need comfort and today is one of those days. These shoes as pretty cool because I really needed a pair of shoes, like, casual flats, I was looking for a good ones, but I'm really picky. I still hadn't found any after having looked for a while. I hadn't really told anyone which is why it was really cool when Mandy came in the door and casually gave me these shoes telling me that they didn't really fit her friend. They are one size too small for me, but I told her I'd like to try them on anyway and they fit so well, they are not even tight. That keeps happening to me! I want something, look for it and suddenly is lands in my lap out of the blue. I'm almost freaked out at this point, it happens so often, but I am not at all complaining!

Right now, even though the weather is alright, I'm longing for a beach, a bikini, a drink and an easy breeze. I'm gonna browse holiday tickets, I've wanted to go to Santorini for a while.. Has anyone been? Even if I don't book tickets I wouldn't mind browsing just a little!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Sweater: Livergy

Jeans: Esmara

Shoes: Donnay