The knit

Today I have had another Agility session with Holly which was super fun! Holly is so good and she catches on so fast. We a whole set of new things this time. It was great! I'm looking forward to next time already. Ken had made lasagne today for us when we came back from agility training. Yummy!

These pictures were taken a while ago and it's not at all what it actually looks like today. It's pouring down here. It's been rainy for about two weeks, but worst of all it has been cold and windy! Ick! The amount of times Holly and I have come home from our walk soaking and in need for a shower and lots of towels.

This knit is so good. It's perfectly cosy and casual. I wear it so often because it's perfect when you don't feel great about yourself and feel like hiding in something big without looking like an utter hobo.

Sweater: Asos