Christmas Eve outfit <3 - Festive enough for ya?

Photos by: Ken Seiler

Sweater: United Colors of Benetton

Skirt: New Look

I love that I had this sweater, it's such a life saver at the festive seasons! I'm pretty sure I've had it for about ten years. It's come in beautiful and handy at many occasions over the years. Considering my love for the colour red I am ashamed over how few red things I actually have. It's about time that changes. I wore my grandmas jewelry which is always very special and the necklace I actually received from my dad on my 18th birthday. I'm a sucker for jewelry with a history to it. I felt so good about myself thinking of making a red bow for my hair. I'm never the person who thinks of those things so I was happy with myself. I thought it looked really nice! I wore my black Dr. Martens heels with this as well as my green vintage cape and black leather gloves when I went out. I realized I should have shot a little more, but I had so much to do. I was happy I got some pictures at all, in fact. Holly was so cute in her little Santa coat <3