Style Crush: Olivia

I'm not exactly the only person to have a huge style crush on this one, but darn! She gets it every time! She makes me want to put in a little more effort and actually iron my shirts and so on. She is so flawless! I never watched the show that got her fame to begin with so I mostly know her through photographs. She is so gorgeous!!

Even her dog is pretty! She rocks both flats and heels like a supermodel. When I look at her pictures I go out of my way to look for flaws because I just can't find a single one. I still haven't found one in the long time I've been an admirer. I wanted to link her websiteto you and realized she changed her entire layout. It looks great now.

I'm so close to having bought all the presents before Christmas which means soon I can actually breathe. Haha. Regardless of how much time I give myself I always fear that for some reason everything will fall apart right before hand and I will have no presents and no food. Why I fear that I have honestly no idea, because I handle those situations just fine. If something bad happens it's never ever as bad as you think it will be, yet anxiety reigns in my head. Something so odd, quite the nuisance! Honestly I haven't been the same since my grandma died, I'm looking forward to feel like myself again. Although I have quite an anxious mind, I've learned to manage it really well, but recently I just don't feel present and when I lack presence the anxiety sneaks in. I know I will get it back, I just can't wait to feel strong again.