Wearing Black In Memory of The Paris Victims

Today I'm wearing black in respect for all the people across the world who died yesterday. Of course, the Paris victims especially being in my mind. It makes me sad that Paris wants to fight back against the terrorists. Why not concentrate all the energy to build a strong defense system to make sure it doesn't happen anywhere else in Europe (preferably in the world) and instead of bringing war to their country, show compassion and forgiveness and create peace. I don't think you can ever fight for peace. You can only be peace. I understand that I know nothing about ruling a country, going to war and politics in general. It's never been my interest and even if I did I don't believe what the world leaders and politicians say is all true and they tell us the whole truth. In my opinion it's just media and show which is why I'm so rarely interested in politics. I respect that there are things about leading a country that I don't understand and I'm in no position to judge, however I refuse to believe this is the only way.

I believe in a world of love, peace, awareness and consciousness.


Holly had to check what's going on. The popped her head in every single picture takes which cracks me up so much.