I'm counting down days to Christmas these days because my dad is arriving on Christmas eve! I'm so excited to see him!

I love living where I live, today for example, a spotted a bus called the public library where you can go and rent a book, right from where you are and give it back a month or so later. I didn't rent a book this time because I'm reading several things as it is and I was also soaking wet from a walk with Holly in the rain when I saw it. Stuff like that comes here all the time, though. The ice cream truck stops right outside our house in the summer and we can get pretty much everything delivered to right where we live. I catch myself truly missing living in the city, but it's pretty neat living here too. I don't think I will ever grow 100% accustomed to living the slow country life, though. The downsides are that I live far away from friends which makes it almost a project going to see someone, thankfully people sometimes come to see me. I miss being mentally stimulated the way I can only be stimulated in the city. I so miss going out for food and have outings. On the countryside I love the parts that allow me long walks with Holly everyday in nature and I obviously love going to the beach almost every day. I love my many friendly and some really strange neighbors, who I all know by name. My favourite neighbors even drive us places when we need it and that makes me feel really lucky. Living in a house this beautiful is a blessing in itself. I love interior and this house really allows me to play with it. We have room for people to sleep somewhere else than on a blow up mattress in a tiny living room, that in itself is amazing.

I'm currently just focusing on getting everything organized for Christmas. I have to send a few things together with a million Christmas cards. I'm sending so many!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Skirt: New Look

Wrap: V. Fraas