Dublin Fashion Festival Outfit 3rd Day

On the last day I wore my Klein that I got last year in New York. The debate about this dress is ongoing, wether it's a dress or a trench is unsure. I'm joking, it's actually a dress, but people always ask what it is and lots of people call it a trench. The first time I saw it I assumed it was a trench and tried it on over my clothes and Ken was the one correcting me and telling me it was a dress, he was actually right! It said it was a dress on the tag, thank god or else I still wouldn't have been sure, haha!

I had a great few days in the Ilac Center for the fashion festival. I hope I can come back next year and see the same people!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Dress: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Clarks