London Outfit

I got the hat at the airport in Lisbon. I was really excited to actually buy a Portuguese label to bring with me as a small souvenir from wonderful Portugal. I didn't have an opportunity to wear it before I got to London.

I think trench and jeans is perfect for London so I'm glad I brought my trench. I wasn't sure if it would be necessary. When I think London I think trench, jeans, rain, wellies, marked eye makeup, possibly lipstick, indie and rock bands, models and so on. However, it was a warm, sunny, happy day where I ended up carrying my trench most of the time, haha! It came in handy at night time, though!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Hat: Parfois

Trench: Calvin Klein

Jeans: Motivi

Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Mango