Lisbon Outfit

I'm not normally a flip flop kind of girl, but I got these free at a wedding party I attended a while back. Considering I knew that I was going to warm places and didn't have a whola lotta space in my suitcase, they were the perfect shoes to bring. I also find it hard to find sandals and sandal-like things that I like that's not heels. I can't walk around in heels on a 15 hour sightseeing day like we had in Lisbon. That would be like torturing myself, do you have any tips on cute, summer shoes or sandals that are chic?

It's also so hard to smile when the sun is shining in your face and you have to pose as well, haha! I look so funny in some of the pictures!!

Lisbon was so warm so even in this light outfit it was hard not to die of the heat. I looooove this tanktop. Asos has a whole series of these tanktops in different lengths and colours. So far I have two, but I need a lot more, I love them so much. Their size is pretty big so I would recommend getting it in a size smaller than you usually get.

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Top: Asos

Skirt: Jeanne Blush

Bag: Bestini