Finally an opportunity to wear my new jacket

So this outfit is not exactly very summer, but the opportunity to wear it came a little while ago. Here in Wexford it's either extremely warm or extremely cold, so even though it's in the middle of summer it was so cold.

I found this jacket a little while ago before I moved and it was a little bit too expensive, but I couldn't get it out of my head. I had originally left it in the store and gone home, but I had to run back to the store and get it. I think it's so pretty! It's roomy too so it'll keep me warm. 

The weather is now warmer again, but I'm looking forward to get to wear it later in the year. Maybe I'll get to wear it in New York in September.

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Jacket: Michael Kors

Sweater: United Colors of Benetton

Umbrella: Newbridge Silverware




If you click on the pictures in the gallery it will take you to the link where you can buy the jacket.