Dresses Wishlist

When I was browsing Sheinside I found so many fun and quirky dresses. Frankly, I want all of them to myself and I want no one else to see them or know where I got them to make sure only I have them forever, but no. I'm saving a lot for my vacation in September and I'm on a super budget. Instead I decided to share my hidden treasure with the world and let you all know how amazing my find was on Sheinside. So here's my wishlist:

1. Parisian  2. Pale Blue Lace Dress  3. White Lace  4. Hot pink  5. Piano Dress  6. Blue Dress 

7. White flower dress  8. White Dress  9. Print Dress  10. Pale Blue Dress

How gorgeous are they?! Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments! If you want to see all their dresses you can find it here.