Today I wanna wear

It's been crazy sunny for the last week or so and today it's actually raining. It's really nice anyway, but it's weird! Now I have to find another way to work on my freckles! I'm hoping for more sun very soon, though!

Before the rain hit I was out all morning running errands which is really nice sometimes. I even went for sushi with Ken which was amazing. I had this new thing I've never had before, it was like a ice cream cone made with sea grass filled with rice, salmon and avocado! Delish!

Now I'm off to do yoga in a minute. I'm excited, I'm getting so much harder, better, faster, stronger, haha!!

Blazer: Stradivarius

Tanktop: Asos

Skirt: Stradivarius

Shoes: Boots (Oldies)