Ken's Wedding Attire

Ken looked so dashing at Jen's wedding. He had gotten a new suit and everything so decided to have a fashion blog post featuring him! Normally it says pictures by Ken, but this time all the pictures are by me. Woo! It was so fun shooting it. I love angles, details and stuff like that so it was very fun to shoot someone myself. It was also really funny to trade roles, this time Ken was in the hot seat!

He looked fantastic and looked like such a gentleman with his hat and everything. He even took off his hat inside. I love that, it's so old fashioned. Hopefully I'll have some male readers who will get something out of this. If not, I hope we'll all take a moment to appreciate the handsomeness of this blog post <3

Hat: Goorin Bros

Suit: Suits You

Shoes: Kensington

Shirt: Ivan Collection

Tie: Carbhait

Watch: Armani