Stephen's Green Outfit

It's a late blog post today. I've literally been editing pictures all day and now I'm on the uploading part which is taking forever. I've only taken breaks to cook and do yoga. I'm now uploading all the wedding pictures and it's taking way longer than expected so I'll post them first thing in the morning!

I'm currently watching 21 Jump Street again. That movie is so good, it's hilarious! I remember Ken and I stumbled upon it on Netflix and were super skeptical assuming it was one of those movies with a bunch of fart jokes and an unnecessary amount of sexual references. It was anything but! It's so funny and I can't wait for 22 Jump Street to come out!

It was the most beautiful summer day two days ago, I had a bunch of errands to do, but I couldn't help but stop by the Stephen's Green Park and snap some outfit shots. I love that park, it's just so nice!

Pictures by Ken Seiler


Caps: Some random shop in New York

Cardigan: Gant

Skirt: Asos

Shoes: Jessica Simpson