Bus Fun

When we were going on the bus yesterday and the bus was empty, Ken and I both knew it was photo shoot time! Haha! We only had about 1/2 a minute before next stop where there were loads of people.

Mandy gave me the jumper a few days ago and I was smitten straight away. It's so casual and cute. Besides I love jumpers like this this one!

The weather continues to be awesome here. Even when it was raining all day yesterday, the air was so fresh and amazing and it wasn't at all cold.

Ken and I went on a typical Saturday night movie date. We saw Spider-man 2 and it was so good! I love super hero movies, they have become so much bigger and better over the last few years. Now, I can't miss one because they just blow my mind every time I see them!

Happy Sunday everyone :)

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Jumper: Atmosphere

Skirt: Asos