Spring, Spring come to meeeee

I am so ready for spring! It couldn't come quick enough, thankfully it's pretty soon really, actually here. I love spring so much. I always feel like when February finally rolls around there is always exciting times ahead because in February is my birthday and it's just generally always a great month. Also in February you can really see day days getting longer and you just know that spring is right around the corner.

I'm currently browsing for some office inspiration. I am most definitely setting up a office in the new place. Just a corner to call my own where I will spend my time writing and editing pictures. If everything works out as planned we could have two viewings today! Yay! That's the most amount of luck we've had in the entire house hunt! That assuming that we actually get to see at least one of the two places.

Pictures by Ken Seiler

I'd say my office will be bright and pretty with mostly light colours and maybe some bright beautiful flowers and always a cup of tea by my side. I'm looking forward to make that space where I can spend a hours working while sitting up straight instead of sitting on the couch while blogging. It's going to be good to get that change!