Fløyen Blues

Visiting one of Bergen's seven mountains I chose something to go with the view. There is a lot of sky, fjords and just blue so I wore a very blue outfit.

It was raining like crazy and suddenly really cold and windy up on the mountain. In some of the pictures I can really see that I'm struggling to pose or look OK because the wind and rain was so harsh and my hair was getting crazy, out of control and going in my face all the time!

I love this blazer. It's really cool and kind of unique at the same time!  Thigh high socks are always fun, they would slide down a little bit because they were too big. A turtle neck is such a classic that I love to rock any day and this skirt I bought in three different colours because I liked it so much! So I actually put it together by using pieces I really love.


Pictures by Ken Seiler


Blazer: Issue 1.3

Turtleneck: H&M

Skirt: Stradivarius

Shoes: Nly Shoes


Necklace: Like most of my jewelry, this necklace was a gift. It was bought to me somewhere in Denmark.