Vintage Fur

I wore this on a date with Ken and drinks with friends, I actually decided to rock some flats instead of heels. Somewhat because I knew I had to walk a lot and because I don't have any black heels. I have a very limited selection of heels because most of my shoes are in Ireland in a storage unit. I couldn't be more excited to come back to my clothes, it's going to be so much fun!

On this night out, however, I decided to wear my Friis shoes with my satin dress and fur. Fur is something I don't wear a lot, but when I do, I quite like it. This one used to belong to my great grandma which makes it that much more special, it got her initials and surname in it too. I really love it!


Dress: Three Little Words

Fur: Costume made, vintage piece

Shoes: Friis