Thoughts on Style

I love finding stuff in my wardrobe and put it together and have Ken photograph me. I'm having so much fun with my fashion blog here at Dial Em For Fashion! I've always been very into fashion, but I'm rather shy so I didn't really have the courage to express it. Style says so much about you. I've had several different styles through the years. Normally styles you can't really categorize, it was more like "the typical 14 year old" and stuff like that. I had a phase where I would pretty much only wear black too. Not goth or anything I just liked it all black. I sometimes wore red too at the time, I definitely had a lot of red accessories.

I wouldn't say I have one style that's just me all the way, but generally I would say my style is pretty casual and chic. I love normal comfortable wear, but a little nicer than it would normally be. So like a really nice sweater could just be heaven to me.

Style-wise I really like the sixties. I think they were so classy, feminine, but sexy at the same time. Then 70's came and ruined it all, haha. 80's were good at times and then 90's came and ruined that too. I think we're in a good phase in fashion now, but looking at history it seems like it has a tendency to repeat itself so wonder what's next. We're 3 years into the decade that should be bad again and so far it doesn't seem bad at all, then again, I actually liked the 90's style in the 90's too... How terrifying!

I think Lana Del Rey is very 60's with an edge which is why I love her style so much.