Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Every year I'm so excited for this event! This year we had to wait a little longer than usual. Normally it's in the very end of November or 1-2nd of December, but this year it aired 10th of December! It only aired in U.S then so I saw it here in Ireland yesterday!

When I saw who was playing I was a bit.. "meh". I was never a big Fall Out Boy fan, and Taylor Swift is fine, but wasn't her biggest fan either. She was good, but she didn't blow me away like Rihanna did last year! The show was good as always though. The outfits are always so good! I loved the Snow Angels and Parisian Night which was two of the sections. They have done similar things to Snow Angels before, but I always love it so much. They can't really go wrong!

Every year I watch the Victoria's Secret show either in bed or with some good food with Ken. That's my VS tradition. We all have one!

You'd think I'd have a problem watching the sexiest women in the world with my boyfriend, but it's so much fun. We discuss the outfits and the poses and the girls all the way though. Ken's artistic eye is so great. Very different from mine, but very good and he always has a different perspective on things than I do which makes it interesting.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't see it yet, be excited!! <3