Dublin Date

Sometimes shooting in the dark can be so hard so hopefully I'll shoot this dress again in proper day light. It's so beautiful! Besides it's perfect because I feel like it's appropriate for both daytime and night time. It can be hard to find a dress that's amazing for both!

The dress reminds me of New York as well so it makes it that much more special! Actually, when I tried the dress on in the store I thought it was a trench, hahaaaa! It is kind of trenchy! I think I could get away with using it as a trench if I don't close it. When I tried it on, I tried it on over my sweater and Ken was like: "Babe... You can't wear anything underneath, it's a dress!" Haha, I'm glad he told me because it's prettier as a dress!


Pictures by Ken Seiler


Dress: Calvin Klein

Trench: Calvin Klein

Bracelet: Guess