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The weather is amazing lately and I've already gotten a sunburn. I sun screened my face leaving my shoulders bare which I'm suffering from now. They are sore! I feel so much happier now that it's so sunny. The surgery recovery is going very well. I don't actually know if I mentioned it before, but I had a minor surgery in my ankle 4 weeks ago in Norway. I'm back to walking Holly and I've even ran and done yoga so I'm full on! I've had a crazy busy schedule entire May. I literally haven't had a moment to catch my breath. I've had Ken's family staying with us right after the Norway trip and now I'm minding a dog for the last ten days and on my free day I attended a seminar that was all about mindfulness and meditation. The dog we are minding is going home tomorrow so I can not wait to have the house to myself and finally catch a breath. I don't even know what to do with myself when I have a little time and space. I'll probably chill out and host some dinner parties.

I received a lovely package in the mail the other day containing this dress, a shirt and the bag. All pretty. The dress is a little short for me (I'm 5'10). Also, order a size or two bigger than usual because the sizes on the website are very small. Big thanks to Dresslink for sending me this. I particularly love the blue lace on the dress. It's very sexy. I love the bag as well, It's big enough for my DSLR which is always handy! Once you start blogging you constantly have to consider space for your DSLR, trust me, space in your bag is never taken for granted!

All the updates

Today I was minding a dog for my neighbors. They came pretty early so I was still in bed when they came to deliver the dog. Ken had welcomed the dog and he went back to bed for a moment. Holly had gone to the living room to greet Ali, the large German Shepherd mix we are minding, and I reacted to the fact that they were so quiet together. I thought they were probably sleeping together or something. I didn't think much of it at all. I was just sitting in bed at that point, I'm always slow out of bed. That's just me. Holly came into the room at some point, but I just assumed she was coming to see if I wanted to go for a walk already (she does that). She left again. I was in bed for about 15-20 min before deciding my curiosity was too strong and I had to figure out why they were so quiet together. I was pretty much sneaking out expecting to see them cute and asleep, but when I came to the living room I found no dogs. I started looking in every room and when I still couldn't find them I was seriously scratching my head (freaking out). I went to the living room again only to spot that the door out to the road was open! Ok, let me tell you, NOTHING wakes you up quicker than thinking your dog and the dog you are minding is alone on the road. No espresso in the word can compare. I was hardly wearing anything so I basically screamed at Ken "THE DOGS ARE OUTSIDE, THE DOOR IS OPEN!!" before sprinting to the bedroom to at least cover some stuff up. Thankfully Ken ran to the door, called them and they, happy as if nothing had ever happened, came running back in. I still can't get over that Holly was out in the street on her own for so long! My big fear is always that she will be hit by a car, she's so small, but apparently she's more street smart than I gave her credit for!

Valentine's Day went by. Ken took me to the movies and gave me the book Kate Moss by Mario Testino. I wanted that one forever so I was very pleased. I was the most under prepared, I have yet to give him something.. In a little over a week we have our anniversary so I'll have a chance to redeem myself.

I took Holly to the vet for a scan of her heart to make sure everything was as it was suppose to be. Everything is the same, so considering she hasn't collapsed since this summer and her sub-aortic stenosis hasn't progressed we are going to try to take her off the daily medicine she is currently taking. Yay!! Considering everything is in great shape and she is so healthy we are going to see how it goes. I'm so excited. I was hoping it was good news, of course. I expected good news because she's on specialty food for her heart as well as daily medicine for her heart and she is physically active and very fit, walking, running, playing and socializing with other dogs every single day. But the news I got blew me away. I never thought she would get off the medicine and the vet says there is no risk of the heart stopping so it's safe. I could not be happier! The vet also says that the way it looks now her life will not be affected by her heart and her life spam will be completely normal. As you can imagine, I am one happy girl. Didn't I tell you February is a great month?!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Sweater: A happy second hand store find. I got it for 4 euro.

Skirt: New Look

Shoes: Dr. Marten's

Birthday girl

I love birthdays and today I turn 24! I was going out and I did, but the weather was so awful that we ended up going back home to order pizza. I've had such a good day. I'll do a blog a little later in the week about what I got.

Please ignore my huge bruise on my thigh btw! The strange thing is that I have no idea how I got it. It's so enormous, though, I must have really gotten hurt. I always assume alien abduction when stuff like that happen.

Photos: Ken Seiler

Shirt Dress: Asos

Shoes: Stradivarius



I found this shirt in a second hand shop where the money goes to an animal charity. I always look for clothes in stores who donate to charity, especially for animals. I thought this shirt was such a good find, you know men's shirts have a special place in my heart so I was so excited when I found this vintage Dior shirt. The shop isn't a vintage fashion shop, just a second hand store so it was an incredibly lucky find. I only paid 5 euros for it, I win again! I find so much good stuff rooting through the second hand stores and the vintage shops. I realize after looking at the photos that I should've seriously used a lint roller to go over my clothes. I have some dog-owner issues going on here with all the hair stuck to me. The struggle is real. I actually think most of that hair comes from my coat, Holly doesn't actually shed that much. I love this coat. It's a size too big which makes it so perfect because I can pack myself in it with a big scarf and mittens, perfect for winter! The shoes I'm wearing I spotted in Norway when I was there for a visit. I fell in love with them immediately and made sure my dad knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. I wear them constantly! They're really comfortable and elegant too.

Photos by Ken Seiler

Coat: Asos

Shirt: Vintage men's Dior shirt

Jeans: New Look

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Christmas Eve outfit <3 - Festive enough for ya?

Photos by: Ken Seiler

Sweater: United Colors of Benetton

Skirt: New Look

I love that I had this sweater, it's such a life saver at the festive seasons! I'm pretty sure I've had it for about ten years. It's come in beautiful and handy at many occasions over the years. Considering my love for the colour red I am ashamed over how few red things I actually have. It's about time that changes. I wore my grandmas jewelry which is always very special and the necklace I actually received from my dad on my 18th birthday. I'm a sucker for jewelry with a history to it. I felt so good about myself thinking of making a red bow for my hair. I'm never the person who thinks of those things so I was happy with myself. I thought it looked really nice! I wore my black Dr. Martens heels with this as well as my green vintage cape and black leather gloves when I went out. I realized I should have shot a little more, but I had so much to do. I was happy I got some pictures at all, in fact. Holly was so cute in her little Santa coat <3